Instalaltion of transition piece in Offshore Wind Farm ButendiekThe foundation of the wind turbines is designed and manufactured by Ballast Nedam, and consists of two parts: (1) the monopile, which is driven into the seabed and (2) the transition piece as an adapter for the tower. monopile and the transition piece are joined together with grout. The transition piece ends about 22m above sea level with the working platform.


In order to avoid an exposure of the monopiles they are surrounded by a scour protection. The scour protection is installed in two steps: The filter layer, consisting of coarse sand and gravel, is placed at the turbine locations before the monopile is driven in to the sea bed. After the monopile is at its place and the cable has been laid and trenched into the sea bed, the medium to big sized stones of the armour layer secure the filter layer.


The monopiles are manufactured in Rostock at the manufacturing yard of the Erndtebr├╝cker Eisenwerke. The transition pieces are pre-fabricated also in Rostock and assembled in Lubmin. The components are shipped from the two harbours to the project site for installation.