Wind Turbine


The Butendiek offshore wind project is supplied with 80 wind turbines by Siemens Wind Power. The reliable offshore wind turbines SWT-3.6-120 will generate a total capacity of 288 MW, and will supply 360,000 households with renewable energy.

The turbines will be mounted on tapered tubular steel towers. Each blade of the turbines will be 58.5m in length with its own pitching mechanism allowing for optimization throughout the operating range. These components are manufactured in Denmark and will be shipped from the port of Esbjerg to the site of Butendiek.

Siemens SWT-3.6-120 in Offshore wind farm Butendiek
Hub height:
91 m above sea level
Rotor diameter:
120 m
Rated power:
3.6 MW
Cut in wind-speed:
3 – 5 m/s
Rated wind speed:
13 – 14 m/s
Cut out wind-speed:
25 m/s
Weight (nacelle + rotor):
250 tons